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We are building the future for digital publishers

what we do

We use Artificial Intelligence and Automation to create high ROI solutions to problems that publishers have with Monetization


Our dynamic floor pricing engine empowers publishers to increase revenues and yield by dynamically and uniquely setting a price floor in each programmatic auction


High ROI by design

pubX is fully automated, easy to use, and we target a minimum 4X ROI through the use of our technology


We offer a 2 week, free trial, 50/50 split test as standard, to ensure our publishers are confident in the revenue lift driven by our tech 


pubX tech is designed to be super-simple to install, and shouldn’t need developer resource

Incremental revenue

By pricing every auction individually we protect the market value of publisher inventory against practices like bid-shading


Publisher-first. Always.

We don't work with the buy-side or sell data - we just build infrastructure to help Publishers

4x ROI

Through a combined modelling approach of an underlying Artificial Neural Network, and over-running control algorithms, we drive serious Return On Investment

Easy to use

Our technology is designed to be simple to integrate and works seamlessly with your current tech stack

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