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New York Office

Our mission

Our mission is to unlock value for digital publishers through technology​
We believe that Digital Publishers have never been more important.


Independent Publishing is the key to a functioning democracy. Websites that sit on the open web, irrespective of whether they are for news, entertainment, sport, niche interests, etc, represent a bulwark against ad spend flowing into walled gardens, which are breeding grounds for disinformation and increasingly extreme beliefs. 

Collectively, our team has spent decades working across the full-spectrum of Ad Tech, and witnessed the proliferation of nascent technologies as they grow into some of the biggest companies in the world. Variously, we have worked for Tier 1 Publishers; built DSPs, Ad Servers, Content Networks; created Strategies for some of the world’s biggest brands; and worked on creative solutions to brand problems for the world’s largest publishers. 


We have no doubt that technology has propelled our industry forwards, allowing the real-time transaction of the commodity of human attention. 


However, against this backdrop of rampant innovation, it is hard to ignore the fact that increasingly only one party benefits. Put simply, the sell-side, Publishers, are suffering serious downward pressure in the AdTech ecosystem at the expense of the advantages enjoyed by the buyers. 


Publishers are losing revenue, and finding it difficult to compete in a world where innovation is clustered around the buy-side. Increasing volumes of data is available, but knowing which insights matter is a challenge.


If you’d like to dig into this, check out our blog, but in short, we feel that enough is enough. Publishers (en masse) must be supported by an infrastructure layer that sits unambiguously between the sell and buy side, and works to solve their problems.


So that’s why we created pubX. To enable Publishers to thrive.


We listen to the problems that you face (if you would like to join our Publisher community, you can find more info here) before building point solutions to deal with these issues. We build technology that works, is transparent, easy to integrate, and with models that make adoption as easy as possible (e.g. pay on success). 


We are excited to work with you.

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