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AI-POWERED Monetization FOR programmatic advertising

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how does it work?


pubX provides an AI-powered monetization tool to empower publishers to dynamically price programmatic advertising inventory, driving higher revenue. 

Our AI model has been built to ensure that net revenues are optimised, versus CPM or fill-rate.

3 steps from setup to live 


Step 1: Insert our analytics adapter in a publisher's tech stack via 1 line of code, via the header bidding script.

Step 2: The adapter then pulls in bidstream data via the endpoint, training our model (hosted on our servers).

Step 3: After a training period, we are then ready to set floor prices dynamically via the endpoint.


Value-add features


High level, simple, adjustable reporting. 

In-depth Analytics

To monitor and evaluate the best campaigns.

Manual Oversight

To ensure that control of ad inventory and yield remains within your teams.

You can also approve/ block specific line items/ ad units if required. 



how Can I install pubX?

Our Analytics Adapter can be found on HERE, with general implementation instructions.

But to get set up, or should you need further information, you'll need to reach out!


We are proud members of and built on AWS

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