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AI-Powered Dynamic Floor Pricing to maximise programmatic revenue and yield

Full Programmatic revenue coverage

pubX provides an AI-powered monetization tool to empower publishers to dynamically price programmatic advertising inventory, driving higher revenue. 

Our AI model has been built to ensure that net revenues are optimised, versus CPM or fill-rate.


How does it work?

1) Using our Analytics Adapter to ingest bid-stream data, pubX builds a Machine Learning pricing model of each site's traffic

2) After 2 weeks of model building, we are ready to set floors in the header using the floors module/ equivalent

3) We set a floor in the header, and then call a corresponding UPR in GAM, to ensure we are covering all programmatic inventory

4) We ingest performance data from GAM to feed back into our models to constantly iterate and improve














Set-up is Simple

pubX is designed to be easy to use and install, to bring our publishers incremental revenue as quickly as possible.

Step 1 - THe Header:


1)  To start, you'll want to install the Prebid Floors module and our analytics adapter. Both can be downloaded at this link for standard Prebid integrations.


If you use different currencies, you will need the currency module as well. 

2)  Add your PubX tag (one line of JS) before Prebid in the <head> of the site(s). (Reach out to your pubX customer success contact for your publisher-specific, RON tag.​


Step 2 - GAM/ Ad Server Setup & reporting:


1)  Grant GAM admin access so that we can configure the necessary price rules, key values, and reporting. ​(If you don't want to grant external access, we can provide a short setup guide for the Ad Server elements.


2)  In addition, please create a separate user with the following email address so that we can automate reporting via API.​​

The adapter then pulls in bidstream data via the endpoint, training our model (hosted on our servers).

Step 3 - go live:


After a 2 week training period, we are then ready to set floor prices dynamically via the endpoint.


Proving that it works/ TRIAL PERIOD


To ensure our publishers are confident in the incremental revenue pubX is driving, we offer a 2 Week, Fee-Free, Trial Period following the building of the models

During this period we run a 50/50 randomised split test between pubX=on (when we have set a floor) and pubX=off (when pubX is inactive) and report the relative performance in our customer's Ad Server, to ensure we are using impartial data. 

We use our customer's Ad Server data to prove our effectiveness, and pull this into our dashboard for easier presentation.











how Can I install pubX?

To get set up, or should you need further information, please reach out to your pubX customer success contact, who can provide your unique pubX tag and whitelist your sites for model-building.
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We are proud to be members of and built on AWS

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